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Festiwal Rosołu

Broth Festival

From 2019-09-14
Rozdziele 185, 32-731 Żegocina
Organiser: Lokalna Grupa Działania "Dolina Raby”
In 1682, the chef of the voivode Aleksander Michał Lubomirski – Stanisław Czerniecki wrote the first Polish cookbook. The work begins with 16 versions of the Polish broth.
This story became an inspiration for the "Dolina Raby" (Raba Valley) local action group, which led to the organisation of the Broth Festival. Since 2011, the events take place annually in the municipalities covered by the activity of the local action group. The most important element of the event is the competition for the tastiest Polish broth. Soups are evaluated by a professional jury. This year, the Broth Festival will take place on 14 September 2019 in the picturesque town of Rozdziele, located in the Żegocina commune in the Island Beskids, next to the Bacówka na Zadzielu site ( The special guest of this year's event is Adam Chrząstowski – an outstanding chef and culinary consultant (