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Jubileuszowe X Europejskie Targi Produktów Regionalnych

The 10th Anniversary European Regional Products Fair

From 2019-08-11 to 2019-08-15
Produkty regionalne Malopolska
Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale
tel. +48 182061320
Why is visiting the 10th Anniversary European Regional Products Fair worthwhile? The Fair features a rich and diverse offer of various cured meats, dairy, fruit and vegetable products, confectionery, as well as beverages, including wine, beer.
However, this offer is aimed not only at professional audiences – we would also like to invite everybody who likes cooking and looks for culinary inspirations, and offer them an opportunity to meet renowned personalities from the culinary world. The presentations and shows by chefs of the Małopolska Chefs and Confectioners Association, Country Women’s Association, chefs working at recommended Podhale inns and representatives of partnering towns and districts enjoy great popularity year after year. The Fair is organised with representatives of certified food producers in mind. The venue of the Fair is filled with folk music, handicrafts and opportunities to taste the dishes. The “Zarembek Tradycji” will teach you about the ins and outs of cloth production, the secrets and treasures hidden in the Tatra National Park, as well as the history and tradition of Podhale. It is a unique place, offering opportunities to meet folk artists, to bring the creative process closer to the attendees. The mission of the Fair is to promote and showcase the Tatra district. The Fair hosts numerous contests and competitions, including: – Best Food Product Competition – Best Oscypek Competition – Most Beautiful Stand Contest Join us for the 10th time at Rówień Krupowa in Zakopane!