Pumptrack w Kłaju
Pumptrack is a closed, oval track consisting of tight bends and crumbs, usually with a ground structure covered with asphalt or paved. It may also include modular objects, usually consisting of ready-made plastic or steel elements. Such portable constructions are often used at the Małopolska region cycling events organised under the Joyride and Małopolska Tour brands.

Pumptrack allow cyclist to move basically without pedalling. By “pushing” the bike on jumps with arms and legs (hence the expression of "pumping") and using the gravity and centrifugal force, the cyclist speeds up and to overcomes the circle. From lap to lap you can get a pretty good speed, which makes staying on track a real challenge. Therefore, remember about the helmet (obligatory for everybody) and some protectors (if you're a beginner). You can go on the track with virtually any type of bike, even children cross-country bike will do, however to achieve optimal fun, bmx or mtb bike is recommended. We encourage everyone to try it, because such training looks calm only from the outside, but if you do it properly you can really get tired. It's therefore a good way of developing fitness, balance and skills to cope with similar obstacles on natural or prepared flow / singletrack paths. 
Of course, all tracks with a smooth surface (asphalt / synthetic) are also suitable for skaters, skateboarders and scooter riders.   

In the Małopolska region, first pumptracks were established about 2012 in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and Myślenice and they were earthworks. The facility built in 2015 in Nowy Sącz, consisting of as many as 4 tracks, remains the largest asphalt object of this kind.

List of pumptracks in the Małopolska region 

Legend to the map 
black – asphalt pumptrack 
orange – ground pumptrack 
blue – modular pumptrack with synthetic surface


Czarny Groń
Location: Rzyki, Rekreacyjna Arena Czarnego Gronia
during construction

Location: Sportowa Street
135 meters in length

Location: Imbramowice 218
90 meters in length

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
Location: 16 Mickiewicza Street
300 meters in length

Kasina Wielka  
Location: BikePark Kasina
150 meters in length

Location: near the train station
200 meters in length

Kraków Park Lotników
Location: Park Lotników Polskich
250 meters in length

Kraków Ruczaj
Location: Lubostroń Street
46 meters in length

Kraków Ruczaj
Location: Agatowa Street
60 meters in length

Location: near the church 
37 meters in length

Location: city park
during construction

Maków Podhalański
Location: Wolności Street
46 meters in length

Location: 21 Reymonta Street
45 meters in length

Location: Zdrojowa 146-148 Street
150 meters in length

Nowy Sącz,
Location: Aleja Piłsudskiego Street
153 meters in length (beginners), 115 meters in length, 210 meters in length (advanced)

Location: Olkuski Park Rekreacyjno-Krajobrazowy „Silver Park”
150 meters in length

Location: piwniczańskie błonia 
during construction

Polanka Wielka 
Location:Polna Street
240 meters in length

Location: near Orlik Sękowa
37 meters in length

Location: LKS Chełm Stryszów
120 meters in length

Tarnowiec k. Tarnowa
Location: near Orlik w Tarnowcu 
200 meters in length

Location: near primary school
170 meters in length (during construction)

Location: parking "Babia Góra Trails"
250 meters in length